Satellite image of Isola Chianina property

Coastline as viewed from the property

Chianina cattle

One of the sheds on our property

Our Farm

Isola - Cape Liptrap via Walkerville/Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland, Victoria.

Our farm is located half way between Tarwin Lower and Walkerville on Cape Liptrap, in South Gippsland, Victoria. It is bordered on the South West Boundary by Bass Straight and is one of the most Southern commercial farms on the Australian mainland.

The winds coming off Bass Straight are pure and fresh and our cattle are free to roam where they want. They are grass fed and free of any chemicals and have a prime view of the water. They are happy social creatures left largely to their own devices.

The sandy soils, woody areas, Banksia trees and 40-inch rainfall provide a rich, clean, healthy natural and happy environment for grazing cattle and producing great beef.

Who Are We?

Sam Walker - aka Farmer Sam is the head of all farm-based operations. He finished school at 16 and then promptly headed to Kars stations where he went jackarooing for twelve months. Being "one step up from the kelpie dogs" in the farm hierarchy taught him everything he needed to know about running the farm. He then went on to complete his studies obtaining a degree in economics, majoring in agriculture... so he's not just a pretty pair of overalls! He is as comfortable with a pair of fencing strainers as he is with a glass of Chianti!

Daniela Mollica - Whilst she completed her degree as a Chiropractor, good food is and has always been her first passion. After co-founding the Melbourne chapter of Slow Food in 1996, she soon moved to Italy in 1999 to live and work (remaining involved with the Italian part of the SF movement). After 4 years of living in Tuscany and learning about all its delights, she returned to Melbourne. She heads up the gastronomic side of the operation although loves the quad bike...

Gianni and Francesca Walker - Our children are our inspiration. If we don't take care of the land now and farm sustainably and ethically, then there won't be a world left for them to enjoy tomorrow. Gianni loves the quad bike and running around after the calves saying "moo"... Francesca is our newest little Chianina farmer, having only arrived in early July, so she is still too small to do much.