"This beef from Gippsland astounds with it's richness and fair dinkum meat flavour. No mistaking the beast here. This is steak to savour."
— Erez Gordon, Industry Consultant

"Thought I'd let you know that we absolutely LOVE the meat we ordered from you. We've never had better bolognaise ever, and the T-Bone and Rump were both mind blowing."
— Rick Morarty

"I cooked the T-bone yesterday as per your instructions and it is the best meat we have ever tasted, absolutely divine (and we have been buying organic meat for the past 6 plus years which was better than any meat we had ever experienced)."
— Karen Bresnan

"The look of the meat is STUNNING!!"
— Denby Frew

"The flavour is fantastic - the bistecca was amazing and the mince is great in long slow cooking - our ragus and chilli have never tasted so good."
— David Bell

"I really enjoyed the pack we ordered, it was a pleasure to cook and eat something that I knew was created with respect and care."
— Kellie Wills

"I made your Osso Buco last week (have never cooked it before) and it was divine - Sean & I can't stop raving about your beef!!"
— Karen Bresnan

"I just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying the meat. It is really noticeably different to other beef I have tried. It's got such a beautiful depth of flavour so a little goes a long way!"
— Ros Isbel

"I have been LOVING my Chianina beef! - it was AMAZING with some green beans, fresh horseradish and a little Poggerino Chianti 2004!!"
— Kate McIntyre MW

"Interested in another 10kg pack - delightful meat, all of our friends raved about the taste!"
— Susan Macdonald

"Just a quick note to let you know that we've really enjoyed the quality and variety in our 10Kg box. The highlight so far has been the short ribs which got the sous vide treatment for 48 hours in an Asian style marinade - absolutely gorgeous!"
— Gwyn Moore

"made a melt in your mouth goulash with one of your wonderful bolar blades.. enjoying your meat."
— Lisa Carney

"The meat is delicious and tender. We had the T-bone barbequed rare last night with a simple roughly mashed potato (with plenty of butter) – couldn’t be better."
— Paul Purcell

"Just wanted to let you know how very happy and grateful we are to have found your amazing produce and really appreciate the opportunity to receive such quality portions and taste. You have enriched our lives with your fine natural produce. This is only our second order and we still can't believe how much better this meat is than the sub standard, supermarket and even some local butchers have been dishing up for years. Thank you so very much."
— Dean & Selina Shaw

"First a cottage pie with the mince. It was lovely. I noticed the meat was easier to brown and did not produce as much water. A lot of minces ooze water and sort of boil when you are browning them. But this was great to cook with and really tasty. Then I cooked your beef and fennel braise. It was absolutely gorgeous. My friends and I really did notice the flavour of the meat. Thank you so much."
— Suzanna Kingsland

"I appreciate your support so much. But I must say that we will be life-long purchasers, the meat is simply wonderful."
— Barbara Champion

"I received my first order Thursday and had my first feed with my dad Friday lunch, a stunning T-bone steak with home made chips and eggs. Fantastic! We loved the taste and texture, many thanks."
— Deb Little

"The beef is absolutely delicious. The flavour is really delicate for want of a better word. It tastes fresh and it is really tender. It’s also great value for money."
— Angela Ristuccia-Cararella

"Thank you so much for our meat pack and for the cooking tips. It has a lovely flavour and is delicious. My "meat-loving" husband really enjoyed his first Chianina T-bone."
— Carmel Abraham

"The meat is just sublime! We had our first meal from the box on the weekend - that awesome rib eye, BBQ beautifully rare with anchovy butter. Loved it!"
— Kath Grey


Purchase Beef

If eating ethically farmed, grass fed, dry aged, great tasting beef is important to you, then you may be interested in the 10kg home packs that we offer.

We deliver 10kg cartons of mixed cuts to your door. They are fresh and individually packed (available in Melbourne only).

$235 per 10kg pack includes delivery

No two boxes will be identical but will typically a mixture of the following cuts:

  • T-bone steak
  • Rump steak
  • Rib Eye
  • A piece of roasting beef
    (either bolar blade or fresh silverside)
  • Eye Fillet
  • Schnitzel
  • BBQ or minute steak
  • Diced beef
  • Oyster blade steak
  • Mince (approx. 25%)
  • Osso Buco
  • Short Ribs

For wholesale and carcass purchases, please contact us.

We also have a distributor in Sydney:

Victor Churchill