Chianina (pronounced key - a - knee - na) is a porcelain white breed of cattle. They take their name from the val di Chiana which is a valley near Arezzo and Siena (Tuscany) in central Italy. They are regarded as the largest and one of the oldest breed of cattle in the world. The deservedly famous Italian dish "Bistecca alla Fiorentina" is traditionally produced from their meat.

Here in South Gippsland, Victoria, we have a herd of Chianina cattle in our aim to bring the Australian table meat as it was meant to taste. Our cattle are 100% free range, fully grass fed and chemical free.

In an ever industrialised food chain, it is getting harder to establish the provenance of the foodstuffs we eat. Food miles are getting longer and we are distanced from those who care for the beasts destined for our table. We believe that great tasting meat comes from traditionally and decently raised animals that are then killed and butchered with respect. In addition to this we then dry age the carcasses in a time honoured method to enrich the natural flavour of the animals.

We ethically raise our animals with care in order to produce great tasting beef.